Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Our body has ancient memories that are affecting your life right now
Trough gentle moves we consciously transform the energies inside and tune with our purpose
Breathe in and breathe out as one, creates a very fine frequency alignment with the Universe/God

Share the circle, share your gift

In Lakesh ( you are the other me )

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Gentle fusion of Centering, Connecting with the 7 Sacred Directions,Basic Ancient Dancing moves, Veil Work, Choreography and finishing with Guided meditation
Bring with you
Bottle of water;
Comfortable cloths;
Open mind and heart;
Intention to work with;


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Thanks to all that came and shared your beautiful energy with me. This was the first of many workshops to come.

The Dance. The Move into the unknown. The first step we make is to enter the circle. The Center is available right here, right now, and with intention and awareness we can transform the reality we live in

We start with the breath to tune in and express the energy, e-motion through the movement.
With The 7 directions we align with the cosmic forces. The 4 elements, the Earth and the Sky and the Center. Aligning with our essence.

Accessing the dimensions helps us expand our perception of what is real to us and how the Universe/ Source / God works and expresses through us.

The process Ho'oponopono I shared with you will gently transform your life. Gratitude from the core of your being is required. Fully opening and experiencing the Magic and the Divinity we are all made of. Fully owning our experience and not blaming will bring the power back to us.

I am Sorry (for my incorrect perceptions)
Please forgive me (for not supporting my Magnificence)
I Love you
Thank you (for all I am and have)

The Script I use is to identify and heal the negative emotions and feelings that are working below the surface and affecting our lives on all levels.

The sound, the vibrations and the alchemy of our voice is a key to experience and transcend our life on a deep cellular level.

And finally, The Dance, TRANCE END DANCE. Ancient dancing is one form of connecting with the body in the now. We move gently trough the chakras/energy centers in our body. The beat of the Earth connects us with the Cosmos. The belly, the container, the water element that contains our emotions, our creativity, our sensuality, the flow of life. The passion. The fire in us, the heart and the sun. The zest for life and the flow. Spread your wings in The Air element. Expand your vision. Create clarity. Tuning the finest instrument on Earth, Our body, Our temple. Tuning with the Source/God that resides in us and expresses through us.

And then we play our unique song. We play the part in the symphony called Life, fully Immersed in the present .

If you have venue and more than 5 people I could facilitate a class at your time
Private classes available
In La Kesh ( Ancient Greeting You are the other me )

Sunday, June 6, 2010


From the deepest place in my heart I am finding a remarkable Magic that connects me to all of you, and a part of me stops in awe, to awaken and celebrate The Joy of Being Here and Now with You.

As you read this, as your eyes glance across the page, I would like to invite you to take in a deep deep breath. Hold it there for the mental count of one ~ two ~ three…. Let it go, and as you let it out with a sigh, allow all the stress of your day, all the cares and worries to melt way, simply let them go.

NOW, If you have actually done that, you will notice something subtle yet remarkable, notice something has changed.

Have you ever wondered why some people give off a certain vibrancy, a certain Energy, something you cant quite put your finger on, yet it's there. You may perceive them as being…So out there, enjoying life, having fun, Connected, loving what they’re doing. Contagious to those around them.

Have you ever noticed, how they radiate? They simply ooze something mysterious, drawing others magnetically like moths to a flame.

I assure you, I had also wondered, much the same as you have, being frustrated with my body, my looks, my appearance, having low energy, how self esteem. Having no confidence at all. I've been there and I started searching, asking questions, acquiring and testing different technique both ancient and modern.

And I have come to a very simple truth:

We all have this Truth available to us RIGHT HERE , RIGHT NOW
I stumbled across a remarkable secret.

And as you continue to read this page you may find your curiosity increasing as to what exactly this Secret is, and how it will positively and completely impact your life.

So my Dear Gods & Goddesses, Yes I am talking to that part of you hidden deep inside, an Ancient Feminine Spirit that is Residing deep within, a part you intuitively know to be there, a part that yearns to come out and play, and explore - more and more. Reveling in the Joy and excitement that is available to you RIGHT HERE and NOW.

I have already hinted at the secret...

And if you are serious about awakening this potential in you, if you would truly like that God or Goddess to be revealed, I would like to extend an invitation for you to come and Dance With Me, Celebrate Your Beauty.

Create your life according to your deepest hearts desire, Express Your Magnificence.
I invite you to TRANS END DANCE, sharing with you the secrets that can change your life forever.
All Are Welcome.
All ages, all physically challenged, all sizes are Welcome.
Get out of your head and into your body - and let the dance of transformation begin!

Allow this ancient form of dance to motivate and inspire your life..

With the beginners classes I introduce a program for empowering and motivating your life on a very deep personal level. We work on creating your inner confidence and style, posture, connecting with your magnetism, creating sacred space and time, connecting you to your own Ancient Feminine Spirit.

Through the Magic of the Dance you will not only find that your fitness improves exponentially, you will also discover that your body shape, tone, and musculature transforms and energizes. Celebrate life by creating your own sacred space and time and begin to awaken the Unlimited Beautiful Person that you are deep within your secret core.

Now I'm not sure if you can, but try to STOP! And Imagine a time in the future, maybe just a couple of weeks or months from right now after signing up for my class, when you notice friends & family commenting on some new mysterious aspect of your self emerging.

TRANS END DANCE is wonderful form of exercise for people who suffer from: Digestive problems and irritable bowel syndrome, depression, stress, anxiety, tense muscles, poor posture, backache, neck ache, gynecological problems, headaches, insomnia and irritability.

TRANS END DANCE for Confidence will help you to change your thinking about yourself. Through the dance you will begin to realize, as scores of people before you have, that it is possible to feel comfortable with your own body. That the power is within. The Flame is Within. You absolutely CAN regain your self-confidence and reach the full potential of your vitality and sensuality through that Magical Dance.

Here’s your chance to find out and utilize what REALLY works when it comes to bringing out the best in your self.
Begin your Journey!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Take the first step

If you were to hire a personal trainer to help you reshape your physical body, you would seek an individual who could work with you on the many aspects of your physique. You wouldn’t go to one person for you abdominal muscles, and another trainer for your diet, and another for your cardio work out. You wouldn’t tell your trainer how you want to work your biceps, you would let that trainer bring you their expertise and work with you to find exercises not only for that muscle, but also for your triceps as they are connected. You would accept nutrition advice that would help you develop muscle, decrease fat, and expand your energy and stamina. You would hope a good trainer could explore your overall health and strength and design a fitness program for you with the many aspects of your body as the goal.

The journey to train and cultivate your spiritual body should be the same.

There are many ways to work your mind and spirit. There are many techniques that can work together simultaneously and symbiotically to cultivate your overall spirit, mind and embodiment without having to go to separate practioners.

Like a personal trainer, I use many different techniques to help you develop as a whole being, at your own pace. Just like a trainer would design a different regime for a professional athlete then they would for a patient recovering from a major surgery, I customize my work with you to meet your specific awarity, readiness and desire.

I can provide the guidance to shape your journey towards the transformation you want. Maybe you are working through a loss, a depression, or a change. Maybe you are struggling with weight loss, finances, or unhealthy relationships. Your physical world is a direct reflection of your inner light. If you are ready to change the energy in your life, attract positive influences, love, success and happiness, if you are ready to be more focused and centered, or if you simply want to bring enchantment and enlightenment into your being, I can design an ever changing and growing plan for you today.

Much of your journey will be fun. It should be whimsical and empowering. You are beautiful. By thinking beautiful thoughts you will see just how beautiful you really are.

One of the many methods I will use to help you explore your specific pathway is ancient dancing. Another is reiki. Yoga, chanting, massage, chakra work, energy work, cleansing and meditation are all possibilities you're invited to explore. We will laugh, dance, cry, and celebrate your journey together.

I can be reached through my profile email. Even if you are unsure, let’s talk to see if my idea of Spirit, Mind, and Embodiment Personal Training feels right for you.


Just take my hand and Dance with me to the rhythm of your heart